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Clare Muscutt talks human Centred Design, Inclusion and LGBTQ+ Womxn in CX with Lara Husslebee.

Have you ever felt excluded? Been interrupted? Or felt shamed?


We have all felt this way at one time or another. But for minorities, this can be a regular occurrence.


Thankfully businesses now recognise the value of diversity and inclusion.


❌ But inclusion isn't an HR policy, D&I training or a hiring initiative. 

❌ It isn’t flying rainbow flags during PRIDE.


✔️ Inclusion is creating a space and culture which enables all employees to feel safe to fully bring themselves to work. 

✔️ To be seen, heard and celebrated for our differences, and valued for who we are.


My awesome guest on the podcast this week, Lara Hussblebee, identifies as a Queer Woman in CX and came on the show to share how she is using Design Thinking and Human Centred Design to help companies understand and empathise with minority groups, on her mission to include the excluded.


This episode reminds us that the most powerful way to include others is to remember the feeling you experienced, at the moment you felt excluded, and connect with it. 


As the most fundamental capability needed to include others is quite simply, Empathy.


The biggest barrier to get over is often language. 


Not feeling awkward talking and avoiding conversations ‘just incase I say the wrong thing’


Lara talked passionately about the positive intent to include others being the most important thing.


We all feel awkward when we are more worried about what to say. So let’s lean into that feeling, start the conversation, feel for one another, ask questions and simply listen


Tune in to hear us geek out on CX Design, and talk about:


🌈 Finding our way into CX

🌈 Design Thinking and Human-Centred Design

🌈 The similarities and difference between design disciplines

🌈 The Future of CX

🌈 Being a proud queer woman in CX

🌈 Usability - serving practical needs

🌈 Empathy - serving emotional needs

🌈 Empathy and Gender

🌈 LGBTQ employee experience

🌈 Rainbow Youth

🌈 Co-creation with minority groups

🌈 Intersectional feminism 

🌈 Including the excluded through HCD

🌈 Using our skills to support charities

🌈 Maxing communities stronger through HCD

🌈 Helping minority groups feel heard, seen and celebrated

🌈 What it means to be a great ally


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Clare Muscutt talks about CX in IoT and FM with Sharon Boyd, CXO at MKL Innovation.

“To break the cycle of female rivalry, we have to believe there is more than one seat at the table"


Female rivalry happens when a woman uses her power to keep another woman down, mistreats her, or competes unfairly.


Here are some from my own experience:

🙅🏼‍♀️ Being told by my manager to not share my thoughts and opinions in meetings or with the big boss.

🙅🏼‍♀️ A colleague who took full-credit for my work.

🙅🏼‍♀️ A senior manager took me to a side room to attack me until I was in tears.

🙅🏼‍♀️ Confiding in a peer about about a difficult stakeholder, who then told my boss I was “having trouble building relationships.”


It was great to have my latest guest Sharon Boyd on the show, to talk about our more difficult experiences, but even more awesome to talk how the community of women we find ourselves in now, is completely challenging the stereotype.

Tune in to hear us talk about:

💻 The lack of female role models in corporate

💻 Challenging stereotypes of female competition

💻 How amazing the CX community is

💻 Finding a mentor

💻 The importance of male allies

💻 The Internet of Things (IoT)

💻 CX in Facilities Management (FM)

💻 What it was like taking an MBA

💻 The benefits of coaching

💻 Other ways to invest in yourself


We love being Women in CX!!


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Clare Muscutt talks with Anita Siassios, about Women in Cyber Security & building female communities

Talking about talking about CX in tech, the importance of communities for women, and the power of women supporting one another to succeed.


'When women support each other, incredible things happen.'


While both men and women benefit from having a network of well-connected peers, women who also have an inner circle of close female contacts are more likely to land executive positions with greater authority and higher pay.


Why? Women trying to rise up into leadership face cultural and systemic hurdles that make it harder for them to advance. 


We overcome the hurdles by forming close connections with others, and learn from the shared experiences of  women who have ‘been there and done that’.

Communities for women are special places that make it easier to meet others, share our challenges and find the support we need to make headway.


That’s why I was thrilled to have Anita Siassios on the show to talk about her experience of building communities for women in Cyber security in Australia and how she is working to include indigenous women too.


Tune in to hear us talk about:  


🤖 How Anita got into CX

🤖 The growing B2C cybersecurity risks 

🤖 Creating communities for women

🤖 Supporting indigenous women in Australia 

🤖 Acknowledging white privilege exists

🤖 The future skills needed by WICX

🤖 Building your CX peripheral vision


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#womenincx #femaleentrepreneurs #inspiringwomen #womeninbusiness #womenentrepreneurs #girlboss #howtobeawesomeatcx #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #womeninbusiness #womenownedbusiness #girlpower #femaleboss #podcast #womenincxpodcast #womenincxcommunity #claremuscutt


Clare Muscutt talks about Employee Experience in CX with Carolene Méli, Ex Cirque du Soleil.

Talking about joining the circus and how creating magical employee experiences and engagement drove guest experience at Cirque du Soleil.


“Roll up roll up, ladies and gentlemen the show is about to begin!”🎪


Do you remember the thrill of hearing those words?


Live entertainment was undoubtedly one of the hardest hit over the last 12 months, but with a vaccine in sight, I for one can’t wait to be entertained and experience the wonderment of big iconic events again.


I was thrilled to be joined Carolene Meli as my guest on the Women in CX podcast this week as she spent 10 years living and working on the road, leading teams of employees in cities all around the world to deliver the unforgettable guest experience that is Cirque du Soleil!


Tune in to hear us talk about:

🎪 Why Carolene left home & joined the circus

🎪 What it’s like to live and work on the circus road 

🎪 The challenges of delivering temporary live experiences

🎪Overcoming cultural and language barriers

🎪 How to manage employee engagement with temporary staff

🎪 Recruitment, onboarding, training, reward and recognition strategies

🎪 Creating magical guest experiences

🎪 Connecting employees with purpose

🎪 Experiencing your own CX

🎪 Carolene’s top tips 

🎪 Where she is up to now and heading next

We hope you enjoy the show!


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Clare Muscutt talks CX Metrics, Insight and the importance of Women’s Networking with Chloe Woogler.

Will the obsession with customer experience metrics be our downfall? 🤔


When you’re part of a discipline which is less than 30 years old in terms of practice and thinking, especially one suffering seismic shifts due to data, technology & digital, it is reasonable to assume nobody truly has all the answers.


Perhaps this is why most customer experience initiatives hinge upon programmes of measures & insights? 


CX not being well understood in business means having something tangible to evidence what we do in numerals & characters we can communicate easily to executives, is of high value to us.


But without resources predominantly allocated to using data to take action- to improve, change, innovate and show the commercial impact of action taken, is CX really of value to the organisation?


That’s why I was excited to have an expert like Chloe Woolger from Kantar on the show to have the debate & get her perspective on how to use insights and metrics to drive action.


Tune in to hear us talk about:


⚡️ Her career journey

⚡️ What it’s like working agency side

⚡️ The importance of networking for women

⚡️ Which CX metrics are most useful

⚡️ The NPS debate

⚡️ How to drive action using insights

⚡️ How to prove CX ROI


What are your thoughts?


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Clare Muscutt hosts Amanda Riches as she shares her inspiring story, from inside and outside CX.

Amanda Riches talking about CX tech and life lessons, including being a young gay woman in the 90's, succeeding in male dominated industries, and surviving cancer to become the UK’s #1 CX Professional.

‘Life is short and time is precious’

With the CRUK statistics that 1 in 2 people will receive a cancer diagnosis at some point in their lives, almost everybody's life will be or have been touched by it in some way.

My guest this week, Amanda Riches shared her personal story of surviving cancer 3.5 times and that amazingly, she is able to reflect on the positives of such a harrowing experience.

Her appreciation of just how precious our time on earth is, was so inspirational.

Especially how it has become the driving force behind her desire to make people’s lives better through her work in Customer Experience.

Tune in to hear more of Amanda’s story, including:

  • The challenges she faced in the 90’s
  • Coming out as a young gay woman working in a male dominated industry
  • Her thoughts on the future of CX and tech
  • Her insight into what lessons she learned along the way
  • Her advice for women in CX

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Clare Muscutt talk with Debbie Akwara about her journey to becoming a CX Queen, in West Africa.

‘There are no ‘women of colour’ in Africa’


This week’s Women in CX Podcast guest, The CX Queen of Nigeria, Debbie Akwara came on the show to share her career story and share the moments that shaped her into the formidable woman she is becoming.


Including her shocking recent and first ever experience of being referred to as a ‘woman of colour’ when she dared to challenge the status quo of how the CX community functions in the West.


Whilst being well known across her home continent for years, in the last 12 months she broke through to become globally recognised as a thought leader. And earned her place at the table.


Yet as a woman from Africa, she was made to feel her voice was deemed as less valuable.


More women all over the world are rising up to take their rightful place on global stages, being better enabled by the digital communications and collaboration revolution.


I’m proud the women in CX community is here to amplify the voices of women who are ready to be heard. And those who aren’t ready for us, best get set. As women like Debbie, will not be ignored.


Tune into the podcast to hear:

- More of Debbie's fascinating backstory

-The African CX perspective

-Technology and CX growing pains

-The similarities with Western CX challenges

-How she started her first CX projects

-The importance of business focus in CX

-Finding the right business metrics to aim for

-The lessons she learned from her mentors

-Finding your confidence -Owning your success

-Dealing with racism as she broke through in the West

-The secret to her unstoppable girl power!


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Clare Muscutt talks with Olga Potaptseva about Agile Customer Experience and violence against women.

Trigger WARNING- This episode includes describing experiences of domestic violence and abuse.
This week I had the pleasure to talk to Russian born, Georgian resident Olga Potaptseva who delivers Agile CX programmes for clients globally.
Discussing growing up in a Communist state and surviving domestic violence to start one of the first fully virtual global CX consulting agencies delivering Agile CX.e and surviving domestic violence to start one of the first fully virtual global CX consulting agencies delivering Agile CX.
Our conversation included:
-What life was like growing up in a Communist state.
-How her father’s Rocket Scientist career shaped her aspirations.
-How Olga found her way into CX.
-The journey to setting up one of the first fully virtual CX consultancies.
-The principles of Agile CX.
-The main challenges and opportunities for WICX in Eastern Europe.
-The global issue of Domestic Violence, our experiences and how we escaped it.
-Our advice for women facing a similar situation.
This episode was a very special one for both of us as Olga and I are two women who silently experienced years of domestic violence, but never spoke about it publicly until now.
‘Your silence is an abusers greatest weapon’
As this week marked the start of ‘16 Days of Action’ on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women, we decided it was time to talk about it.
Domestic Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is one of the most widespread, persistent and devastating human rights violations in our world today remains largely unreported due to the impunity, silence, stigma and shame surrounding it.
In general terms, it manifests in physical, sexual and psychological forms and according to statistics, 1 in 3 women will experience violence at the hands of a man during their lifetime.
And, during lockdown, made up 1 in 5 crimes reported to police.
This conversation was hard for both of us, but comes with a clear message that the only way to stop it, starts with telling somebody.
Thank you, Olga for being brave enough to share your story, and helping me share mine too.
For more information on ending violence against women visit:

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Clare Muscutt talks with Jeannie Walters about CX , inclusivity, resilience and adaptability.

How Jeannie made her way into the world of CX


How she first discovered her ability to adapt to new situations.


Discussing the current climate and changes in the world of CX and business more broadly.


The growth of brand integrity and required congruence with customer experience.


How to adapt your life and business to meet challenges and change.


The pivot consultants are making into content creation and providing thought leadership outside of conferences and events.


The importance of inclusive design and representation in decision making groups.


Jeannie's advice for WICX to help us develop resilience and adaptability.

Clare Muscutt talks with Diane Magers about applying psychology to CX & life’s swimming pool moments

We had the pleasure of having Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Experience Investigators, Diane Magers on the show to share her incredible years of wisdom with us.


I really enjoyed our conversation which included Diane revealing something few people know about her past that had a huge impact on her approach to life.


We covered so many topics, including:


- Her journey from clinical psychology into Marketing and CX and what she learned along the way.


-What it was like to be part of the early CX revolution alongside the Great Matriarchs of WICX. 


-Diane's theory on ‘The swimming pool moments’ of life. Hers and how it effected her.


- The importance of keep giving back to the CX community.


-Diane's views on how CX evolved and where we are heading as a discipline. 


-What it was like being the CEO of the CXPA.


-Her top pieces of advice for budding CX professionals to build their skills.


One of the most poignant moments was when Diane talked about the time she spent as a Clinical Psychologist taking care of people's mental heath at the end of their lives.


She got to talk to hundreds of people at this stage  and listened to them talk about what they 'wished' they had done differently.


"Nobody ever wished they had spent more time at work" She said. Which serves as a reminder for all of us to get busy with the 'Business of living'


We hope you enjoy the show!


See ya'll next time!


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