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Clare Muscutt talks with Amélie Beerens about overcoming childhood trauma to become the women we’re destined to be

July 11, 2022

TW: Discussion of abuse and childhood trauma. Listener discretion is advised.


In episode #414, Clare is joined by CX Design & Career Coach, Amélie Beerens, for what is both a challenging and inspiring conversation.


Suffering from what she believed to be burnout from work, Amélie recalls being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of childhood trauma.


Confiding in one another, Clare and Amélie recall similarities in their experiences of trauma, discuss the enduring impact and share their individual journeys towards healing.


Because our experiences of abuse do not define us.


Listen in as they talk about…


🚩 The symptoms of PTSD and how it manifests

🤝 Seeking professional support to heal

🧠 Recognising trauma and the impact on relationships

💬 The importance of finding safe spaces to talk

💕 Hope, resilience and realising that trauma is not a life sentence


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