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Clare Muscutt talks with Alex Acosta about data analytics and living with eating disorders

Alex Acosta, CX Quantitative Analyst at DICK's Sporting Goods, joins Clare Muscutt on the Inspiring Women in CX podcast to talk not only about her route into CX, having her sight set on consumer insights and her passion for using data to tell stories and influence senior stakeholders, but also a subject much closer to home, overcoming childhood abuse and living with an eating disorder.


With Monday the 10th of October recognised as World Mental Health Day, in this episode Alex shares a powerful message, not just for leaders, but for everyone, and that is “to lead with empathy”, create a culture of openness and honesty that enables employees – people – to show up each day as their full selves and to feel safe in sharing their challenges.


Because we never know what someone else is going through.


So, this week, and every other, be kind.


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Clare Muscutt talks with Olga Potaptseva about female entrepreneurship and striking the right balance between CX strategy and implementation

Olga Potaptseva, Founding Director of the European Customer Consultancy, joins Clare Muscutt on the Inspiring Women in CX podcast to talk about how her university studies sparked her interest in customer research, how she came to (somewhat serendipitously!) lead a loyalty development programme at GfK, aligning CX with the business strategy, failing forwards (in life and in CX!), what it means to be a ‘customer-enabled’ organisation and her advice to women in CX about creating the life that you want.


Listen in as she talks about…

🔬 How studying Marketing and Economics sparked her interest in Customer Research

🙋‍♀️ Leading a loyalty development programme at GfK, before rolling out a global methodology

📊 Utilising customer data and insights to deliver business results

✨ The importance of self-belief in crafting the career and the life that you want

🤔 What it means to be a ‘customer-enabled’ organisation

📚 Her library of CX ‘micro-actions’ – things we can implement with virtually no budget


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Clare Muscutt talks with Liz Berks about research methods & getting closer to customers on any budget

Liz Berks, Co-Founder of 4Sight CX, Saudi Arabia, joins Clare Muscutt on the Inspiring Women in CX podcast to talk about her journey from Market Research and Insights into CX, the ‘energy and drive’ for Citizen Experience in Saudi Arabia, the dangers of an over-reliance on surveys, ethnographic research and the emerging technologies available to us, and the difference between a VoC programme and the ‘true meaning’ of customer voice.


Key talking points include discussing…


🛠️ The development of CX in Saudi Arabia

💬 The use of qualitative insight to drive CX

📳 How mobile ethnography and ‘insight communities’ can help organisations to build a comprehensive picture of who their customers really are

🙅‍♀️ And how to leverage the data available to you to get closer to customers, even when you have zero budget


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Clare Muscutt talks about CX Insights & Women in the Workplace with Kantar Insights CEO, Amy Cashman

Amy Cashman, CEO of Kantar UK's Insights Division, joins Women in CX Founder and podcast host Clare Muscutt to discuss the importance of establishing 'red lines' to create work–life balance, challenging the perception of female senior leadership to set positive examples for women in the workplace, and how brand values impact both the customer and the employee experience.


“Lean into who you are and don’t feel that you have to change to be successful.”


The conversation also delves into…

• The evolution of CX insights

• How brands can amplify or undermine women’s confidence

• The creation of proof-points to deliver on brand promise

• How Amy reached CEO level

• Using CX to create (and to prove) ROI for organisations

• How to create environments within which women thrive

• How evidence of D&I is more important than brand statements

• The importance of authenticity


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Clare Muscutt talks CX Metrics, Insight and the importance of Women’s Networking with Chloe Woogler.

Will the obsession with customer experience metrics be our downfall? 🤔


When you’re part of a discipline which is less than 30 years old in terms of practice and thinking, especially one suffering seismic shifts due to data, technology & digital, it is reasonable to assume nobody truly has all the answers.


Perhaps this is why most customer experience initiatives hinge upon programmes of measures & insights? 


CX not being well understood in business means having something tangible to evidence what we do in numerals & characters we can communicate easily to executives, is of high value to us.


But without resources predominantly allocated to using data to take action- to improve, change, innovate and show the commercial impact of action taken, is CX really of value to the organisation?


That’s why I was excited to have an expert like Chloe Woolger from Kantar on the show to have the debate & get her perspective on how to use insights and metrics to drive action.


Tune in to hear us talk about:


⚡️ Her career journey

⚡️ What it’s like working agency side

⚡️ The importance of networking for women

⚡️ Which CX metrics are most useful

⚡️ The NPS debate

⚡️ How to drive action using insights

⚡️ How to prove CX ROI


What are your thoughts?


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Clare Muscutt talking with Jo Boswell about actionable data, and making CX a commercial discipline.

What if the bottom line in Customer Experience isn’t the customer... it’s still the bottom line?

It may seem counterintuitive, but what if the best way to get a business on board with focussing on customers, isn’t by focussing on them at all?

In the penultimate episode of the series I got to talk to a CX commercial queen Jo Boswell about her approach to getting investment in CX that had CFO’s raving about her— And she didn’t start with talking about fixing customer pain points.

Listen-in to her British Airways career stories from riding Concorde on the ‘Bob Job’ serving as a graduate assistant to legend Bob Ayling, to reclaiming an unintentionally sexist slight in the 90’s and being known as one of the four horsewomen of the apocalypse to her eventual senior roles leading the way to better customer value management through data, insight and technology.

You are in for a treat, my CX friends!

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