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Clare Muscutt talks CX Metrics, Insight and the importance of Women’s Networking with Chloe Woogler.

December 18, 2020

Will the obsession with customer experience metrics be our downfall? 🤔


When you’re part of a discipline which is less than 30 years old in terms of practice and thinking, especially one suffering seismic shifts due to data, technology & digital, it is reasonable to assume nobody truly has all the answers.


Perhaps this is why most customer experience initiatives hinge upon programmes of measures & insights? 


CX not being well understood in business means having something tangible to evidence what we do in numerals & characters we can communicate easily to executives, is of high value to us.


But without resources predominantly allocated to using data to take action- to improve, change, innovate and show the commercial impact of action taken, is CX really of value to the organisation?


That’s why I was excited to have an expert like Chloe Woolger from Kantar on the show to have the debate & get her perspective on how to use insights and metrics to drive action.


Tune in to hear us talk about:


⚡️ Her career journey

⚡️ What it’s like working agency side

⚡️ The importance of networking for women

⚡️ Which CX metrics are most useful

⚡️ The NPS debate

⚡️ How to drive action using insights

⚡️ How to prove CX ROI


What are your thoughts?


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