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Clare Muscutt talks with Melissa Moore about frontline customer service and dealing with bullying in the workplace

Melissa Moore, Founder of The Retail Advisor, joins Clare Muscutt on the Inspiring Women in CX podcast to talk about the moment she realised she’d been in CX all along, putting on her “brave pants” and launching her own podcast, ‘The Retail Tea Break’, the disjunct that exists between those in the “ivory tower” and our frontline workers, and how we must engage, empower, and listen to our frontline workers if we wish to ensure long-term success in business.


Listen in to the full episode as Melissa talks about…

👣 Her route into CX and realising she’s put the customer at the heart all along

🛒 Starting out on the shop floor and how this ‘operational grounding’ informs her role today

🚧 The disjunct between the ‘ivory tower’ and those working on the frontline (and how the pandemic accentuated the sense of ‘us versus them’)

💥 Experiencing bullying within the workplace and how she channelled this pain into power

🤝 Why we need more “joined-up” thinking to engage and empower our employees long-term

✍️ The importance of focusing upon qualitative and quantitative research, and service KPIs, as opposed to ‘productivity measures’


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Clare Muscutt talks about Employee Experience in CX with Carolene Méli, Ex Cirque du Soleil.

Talking about joining the circus and how creating magical employee experiences and engagement drove guest experience at Cirque du Soleil.


“Roll up roll up, ladies and gentlemen the show is about to begin!”🎪


Do you remember the thrill of hearing those words?


Live entertainment was undoubtedly one of the hardest hit over the last 12 months, but with a vaccine in sight, I for one can’t wait to be entertained and experience the wonderment of big iconic events again.


I was thrilled to be joined Carolene Meli as my guest on the Women in CX podcast this week as she spent 10 years living and working on the road, leading teams of employees in cities all around the world to deliver the unforgettable guest experience that is Cirque du Soleil!


Tune in to hear us talk about:

🎪 Why Carolene left home & joined the circus

🎪 What it’s like to live and work on the circus road 

🎪 The challenges of delivering temporary live experiences

🎪Overcoming cultural and language barriers

🎪 How to manage employee engagement with temporary staff

🎪 Recruitment, onboarding, training, reward and recognition strategies

🎪 Creating magical guest experiences

🎪 Connecting employees with purpose

🎪 Experiencing your own CX

🎪 Carolene’s top tips 

🎪 Where she is up to now and heading next

We hope you enjoy the show!


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Clare Muscutt talks with Stacy Sherman about our mother’s influence and advice on female leadership.

🧁"You are the cupcake, everyone else is just the sprinkles"🧁


Launching today’s podcast with a backdrop of uncertainty about the US election, Corona deaths rising again, whole countries returning to lockdown and facing heightened terror threats, I wanted to focus on something lighter.


I met the CX pocket rocket, Head of CX and Employee Engagement and Schindler, Founder of DoingCXRight and all round rising CX star, Stacy Sherman, earlier this year and when she told me this piece of advice passed down from her stock trader mom, it was not only delightful, but it really stuck with me.


As women we are so often guilty of prioritising others, building our lives around partners and careers that we sometimes lose sight of the fact that WE are the cupcake. 


Wherever you are today, whatever is going on around you, put yourself first and ensure you only invite people, jobs, relationships, friends and co-workers into your life who add value to your experience.


We can learn a lot from the ‘Stacy’s Moms’ of the world who struck out in pursuit of the lives they wanted to lead. Tune in to hear us talk about more of the lessons we learned from our mothers, Stacy’s metric rise to CX fame and her advice on female leadership now.


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