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Clare Muscutt talks with Claire-Boscq-Scott about CX and overcoming adversity to succeed.

July 9, 2020

There comes a time in life where we all evaluate where we are with our life choices and careers, and sometimes, have to decide if we want to stick, or twist. 

When you are young, free and single, this can be an exciting adventure. But if you have a husband and children in tow, that decision is invariably a difficult one to make as the upheaval involved in changing the status quo affects more than just yourself.

In Episode 002 of the Women in CX podcast, guest Claire Boscq-Scott shares this moment in her life and more importantly how she used it as a catalyst to build the life she wanted to lead.

In this conversation we talked about Claire’s early days in Disney Land, how she created her first business in mystery shopping, her philosophies on CX and her passion for bringing a more holistic approach to business. And then having to let it all go and start over again, in a new digital world, facing a pandemic.

Claire’s passion, resilience and ability to pivot is truly inspirational, and will no doubt inspire other women in CX to not settle for less than what they really want, in order to succeed on their own terms. 

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