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Clare Muscutt talks with Serena Riley about challenging gender bias for the future generation of women leaders

April 26, 2022

Serena Riley, the Vice President of Experience Management at SkySpecs and the Founder and CEO of Joy & Moxie joins Clare Muscutt on the Inspiring Women in CX podcast to talk about starting out in IT – a typically male-dominated environment – her role as the VP of Experience Management within a start-up and navigating the scale-up phase, building her personal brand, Joy & Moxie, her mission to empower women to design for the future that they want, becoming a role model for her young daughter, removing the barriers that she faced for the future generation of female leaders and leaning into your own power by being who you truly are.


Listen in as Serena talks about…

💻 Starting out in IT before “maxing out” and needing something to reignite her fire

📞 CX and customer support in a tech start-up and the scaling-up phase

👭 Stumbling upon the Women in CX community on LinkedIn and feeling immediately aligned

🙅‍♀️ Being a “people-pleaser” and beating her perfectionism

💪 Becoming a role model for her daughter and being able to help her to get where she wants to go “quicker and easier”

♀️ The differences in the way that we parent owing to gender and the impact that this has

✨ The importance of being yourself and acknowledging that you have the power to design the future that you want


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