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Clare Muscutt talks with Jo van Riemsdijk about motherhood, CX recruitment and how to get hired!

October 23, 2020

Discrimination against women in the workplace is a very real problem in the UK, & according to the most recent statistics, it’s getting worse!


🤰 54,000 pregnant women have been made redundant, a figure doubled since 2005


👶🏾 The gender pay gap is widening for women returning to work after children at 33% less than men in the 12 years following birth


Whilst there are laws protecting women’s employment rights, The Women and Equalities Commitee says “Urgent action” is needed to give pregnant women and new mothers more protection!


In this snippet of my interview with Jo van Riemsdijk she shared her experience of experiencing stigma from recruiters about being of ‘child bearing age’, becoming pregnant one week into a new job and going into labour whilst at work!


This isn’t the first woman I’ve heard share such a story, or felt the pressure to go back to work immediately or before she is ready, so as not to miss the opportunities of her peers.


Jo and I talked about her experience of becoming a working mother, how she started her own recruitment business CX Talent Ltd with her BFF & her top tips for getting hired during these crazy Covid times.


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