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Clare Muscutt talks with Claire Durrant about UX, CX, Service Design & freelance digital nomad-ing.

October 9, 2020

‘Just because you have 50k followers, it doesn’t make you right about everything’


With influence comes responsibility, so why do some people choose to abuse it?


In the age of social media, ‘influencers’ seemingly have the power to dictate what is right and wrong in their sphere of influence and sometimes even ‘cancel’ people who disagree with their point of view.


Debate, intellectual challenge and solid argument are the cornerstones of freedom of expression and without it, we can’t make progress, especially in fields like Customer Experience.


The game-changers are those whose original thinking goes against the grain of established concepts to yield a fresh perspective and disrupt the status quo with positive effect. This is where true potential lies.


That’s why I was excited to haveI Claire Durrant on the show to talk about her unconventional career journey and lifestyle as a freelance digital nomad, including her story of being cancelled by one such influencer after she was bold enough to call out the misuse of personas in experience design. 


Tune into this week’s episode of the Women in CX Podcast to listen-in to Claire’s story, hear about her experience of going freelance, her world travels, our thoughts on the relationship between CX, UX and Service Design and importantly, how she learned to stand up for herself.


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