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Clare Muscutt talking with Gavin James about CX & using our intuition to help make better decisions.

September 18, 2020

“There’s a point when you finally decide it’s great to love other people but sometimes you have to love yourself just a little bit more and you have to choose yourself”

Some people may say putting yourself first is selfish. But when it comes to living a happy fulfilled life and career, it is essential.

We have probably all been in this position at some time or another, where we have had to choose between ourselves and a relationship that whilst being important to us, is no longer serving our happiness and prosperity.

It could be a romantic, a friend, business partner or even a boss. But staying stuck somewhere we don’t want to be for the sake of another never works out for anyone in the end.

Choosing to leave is often the most difficult decision we ever have to make, so how can we find the strength and courage to do so?

It was an absolute pleasure to have UX Matriarch Gavin James on the show to share her wisdom about how she has developed her values and intuition to support her in making better, more courageous decisions. Whether it be in her personal life, business or customer experience, developing a true north enabled Gavin to achieve remarkable things on her journey so far.

Tune in to find out more about Gavin’s story, growing up as a woman alongside the tech that shaped the world as we know it, her mantra, her views on what makes great CX and the challenges of living in Trump’s America, today.


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