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Clare Muscutt talks with Michelle Badenhorst about uniting business analysis & customer experience.

August 21, 2020

Contrary to popular belief, Customer Experience is not the answer to everything.

Most people in business have worked it out already, but some CX professionals seem blind to the truth.

Is it because many of the traditional frameworks ‘taught’ are out of date and serve to perpetuate the myth? Or, that CX dogma coupled with lack of challenge is leading our profession in ever-decreasing circles of inaction?

Either way, the outcome of failing to treat the right problem can only be more failed projects, frustrated practitioners, and disappointed executives who risk losing faith in CX efficacy, full-stop.

Undoubtedly we have to be far more focussed on the problem space in order to engineer value for customers, employees, and the business. But to date, true CX Design is the least understood and practiced CX competency.

I was interested to talk to fellow  ‘Design Thinking Evangelist’ Michelle Badenhorst because of our shared view on postmodern CX thinking but also because she unusually came from a business analysis background and transitioned into CX. I was curious to understand the level of pragmatism she brought with her from her career in the no-nonsense world of IT.

Listen in to this week’s episode to hear more about Michelle’s career journey through troubled times in South Africa and her thoughts on blending the CX and BA approach to drive action and results.

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