Inspiring Women In CX

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Clare Muscutt talks with Janelle Mansfield about the pros and cons of being an alpha-female in CX.

August 13, 2020

“And the feedback that I got was that I was a bully”


Despite our intentions, the way we communicate has a profound effect on others and their perception of our character.

Depending upon our level of self- awareness, negative feedback can come as a shock. It can rock us to the core. But how we react and bounce back from it is a far more powerful statement about who we are.

In this week's episode, Janelle Mansfield shares her experience of being an ‘Alpha Female’ and how this has served her during her career. From her directness being an asset in male-dominated environments to having to re-learn how to work with women, Janelle’s is a story of courage, truth, and authenticity.

You’ll also hear about making her way up the ladder from humble beginnings at Burger King, how this experience fuelled her passion for a future career in CX, how you can harness commercial acumen to transform your CX influence and how she is using digital tools to make remote CX workshops transcend the current barriers we are experiencing with face to face ways of working.


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