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Clare Muscutt talks with Sandra Thompson about the power of Emotional Intelligence & Empathy in CX.

August 6, 2020

We are told the ‘think before we speak’, ‘look before we leap’ and not act before considering the consequences. But when emotions rise up and overpower our better judgment, what emerges can be an unwanted reaction.

Emotional control is an admirable quality, usually possessed by happy successful people. But to what extent is it nature or nurture?

I was fascinated to talk to the UK’s only certified Emotional Intelligence coach, Sandra Thompson, to understand more about this field: its application in personal development and its many connections to customer experience.

In this episode, Sandra shares her own experience of learning to control her emotions, her insights into behavioral psychology, the future opportunities for AI and EQ, and the inspirational work she is now doing to educate others in applied emotional intelligence and customer experience. 

I learned EQ is in fact a skill that begins with self-awareness. But mastery means we have the power to redefine all our human relationships. Importantly including employees and customers. But most importantly, with ourselves.

Tune in to the podcast to find out more! 


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