Inspiring Women In CX

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Clare Muscutt chats to Katie Stabler about women supporting women and influencing the CX agenda.

October 2, 2020

Who you work for makes all the difference.


Strike it lucky with a true leader who endorses, champions and supports you gives you all the confidence in the world to go out there and reach for new heights.


But if you have the misfortune to work for someone who micromanages you to the point of distraction, it can leave you doubting your own abilities and if anything, curb your ambition.


For every tale of awesome female leadership, we all have one story of a fellow female who made our lives HELL and in some cases, even bullied.


Thankfully these examples are few and far between. But bouncing back after such an experience isn’t necessarily easy once the damage to our self-confidence is done.


What we need is a community of women who network, support and inspire each other to succeed and as my guest on the show today, Cultivate CX founder Katie Stabler demonstrates, support one another to rise up.


I was thrilled to have Katie on the show to hear her career story, find out how she introduced CX to some very unexpected places in a highly male dominated environment and share our experiences of women supporting women.


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