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Clare Muscutt talks with Anna Noakes Schulze about the future of Web3 customer experience and the Metaverse



In episode #411 of the Inspiring Women in CX podcast, Clare Muscutt and Digital Experience Strategist, Anna Noakes Schulze take on the Metaverse! 🤖


Listen in as Anna talks about what the Metaverse is, where the term first came from, Gen Alpha as the “gateway drug”, the connection between Web3 and the Metaverse, and the complex terminology surrounding the tech at play (we’re taking it back to basics), and the impact of Web3 and the Metaverse on Customer Experience as a whole – what it means to us as CX professionals and practitioners and what we need to know to stay ahead of the game!


Don’t get left behind! Listen in closely as they…

🤔 Discuss what the Metaverse *actually* is

🗯️ Unpick complex jargon surrounding the technologies at play (5G, blockchain, NFT… 🤯)

🔦 Shed light on the recent “crypto controversies”

👉 Highlight the impact and the implications of the Metaverse on Customer Experience

🧠 And share a number of ways that we can increase our own knowledge and understanding in this space


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