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Clare Muscutt talks with Anne Gray about the stigma of infertility and her research in the field of customer-led digital transformation

Anne Gray, the Managing Director at Solutioneers, joins Clare Muscutt on the Inspiring Women in CX podcast to talk about her route into CX, recognising a golden thread of excellence woven throughout all of her roles, the importance of not just good but consistent customer service, her journey to motherhood and infertility struggles, finally allowing herself to be at peace, finding support on her solopreneur journey with someone “just a few steps ahead” and her research into Digital Transformation and measuring a transformation’s success.


Listen in as Anne talks about…


🧵 The ‘golden thread of excellence’ woven throughout her career

💯 The importance of consistently good service in maintaining brand reputation

🧪 Her research in the field of Digital Transformation and measuring a transformation’s success

👶 Her infertility journey and how her life came to a standstill for almost 10 years

✨ Finding your peace and being unafraid to reinvent yourself


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