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Clare Muscutt talks with Ellie Sutton about customer experience & proposition development in supermarket retailing

Ellie Sutton, the Senior Customer Experience Lead at Waitrose & Partners, joins Clare Muscutt on the Inspiring Women in CX podcast to talk about Anthropology as a route into CX, realising that she had a different way of doing things, knitting together customers and operations, being her own advocate in a male-dominated environment and how she used this to her advantage, the importance of brand as a key differentiator, how digital and retail are no longer distinct business units and how we must harness digital to enhance our propositions.


Listen in as Ellie talks about…

🧠 Studying Anthropology – why people think the way that they do – before moving into food retail as a graduate trainee

 🤔 How she approached things differently, listening to customer feedback and “knitting” this together with operations

 🙋‍♀️ Being her own advocate and viewing CX in supermarket retail through a female lens

 🛍️ Post-pandemic shopping habits and the acceleration of digital – using this to enhance propositions

 📈 CX, service and proposition design, cherry-picking experiential elements and integrating these into a mass-market

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Clare Muscutt talks with Sarah Curran-Usher MBE about the evolution of retail customer experience.

Sarah Curran-Usher MBE joins Women in CX Founder and podcast host Clare Muscutt to discuss the evolution of retail customer experience from bricks-and-mortar to pure-play online stores over her 20 years working in the fashion industry. From the importance of getting the basics right to the opportunities presented by the latest data and technology advances, this podcast highlights what it takes to 'sell' CX to senior leaders by balancing the emotional and commercial aspects of CX initiatives, and vitally discusses the need for more women at board level who appreciate the balance required to support decisions that value people as much as numbers.

Tune in to hear more about:
- The moments that shaped Sarah's career
- How she embraced her 'disruptive' nature
- Using her different thinking to fuel success as an entrepreneur
- The highs and lows of starting, scaling, and selling her own business
- Becoming an 'entrepreneur in residence'
- The dangers of CX 'gimmicks'
- Acquisition vs retention in retail
- How to get C-suite onboard
- The differences in female leadership
- Balancing customer, brand, and commercial priorities
- Using behavioural customer data to drive better decisions
- Developing your own resilience 
- Sarah's advice for women in CX

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