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Clare Muscutt talks with Stine Ringvig Marsal about squiggly careers and fixing a broken CX industry

Stine Ringvig Marsal, the Founder & CEO of Experience Management Consult, joins Clare Muscutt on the Inspiring Women in CX podcast to talk about ‘tripping’ into CX (didn’t we all!), her passion for Service Design, how to ‘do’ CX and make it work *without* having an astronomical budget, combatting the ‘fluffy bullsh*t’ to reclaim credibility as an industry and viewing CX as a ‘support function’ as opposed to a religion or culture.


Bye-bye CX blabber!


Key talking points include…

🧰 How Stine applies her Sociologist’s toolbox to CX

🎢 Her journey to becoming Tivoli Garden’s first-ever Customer Experience Manager

🤝 The importance of ‘fusing’ employee and customer experience in a regulated industry 

💡 How her own life experiences enabled her to ‘step out’ of the mainstream

🙅‍♀️ Why, as practitioners, we must challenge how CX ‘should’ be done 


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Clare Muscutt talks with Sarah Curran-Usher MBE about the evolution of retail customer experience.

Sarah Curran-Usher MBE joins Women in CX Founder and podcast host Clare Muscutt to discuss the evolution of retail customer experience from bricks-and-mortar to pure-play online stores over her 20 years working in the fashion industry. From the importance of getting the basics right to the opportunities presented by the latest data and technology advances, this podcast highlights what it takes to 'sell' CX to senior leaders by balancing the emotional and commercial aspects of CX initiatives, and vitally discusses the need for more women at board level who appreciate the balance required to support decisions that value people as much as numbers.

Tune in to hear more about:
- The moments that shaped Sarah's career
- How she embraced her 'disruptive' nature
- Using her different thinking to fuel success as an entrepreneur
- The highs and lows of starting, scaling, and selling her own business
- Becoming an 'entrepreneur in residence'
- The dangers of CX 'gimmicks'
- Acquisition vs retention in retail
- How to get C-suite onboard
- The differences in female leadership
- Balancing customer, brand, and commercial priorities
- Using behavioural customer data to drive better decisions
- Developing your own resilience 
- Sarah's advice for women in CX

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Episode #202, Entrepreneur Lara Felix-Omonubi talks about becoming an independent black woman, side hustling, patriarchy and the resilience handed down through generations of Nigerian women.

According to Huffington Post, it’s a sad reality that women have been harder hit by the coronavirus pandemic, whether that’s dealing with higher unemployment and job insecurity as a result or bearing the majority of the burden for childcare, homeschooling and other unpaid care work at home.

However, female entrepreneurs and women determined to be their own bosses and change the world around them with their businesses are a silver lining to emerge from the clouds of Covid-19.

That’s one of the reasons I was thrilled to have serial entrepreneur Lara Felix-Omonubi on the show, inspiring us with her latest new venture, starting a new product-led business during a pandemic.

I just loved the way she describes the side hustle… as a way for us to explore creative passions we might not otherwise had chance to, had we not experienced COVID-19.

Tune in to hear more about Lara’s story of becoming an independent black woman, side hustling, patriarchy and the resilience handed down through generations of Nigerian women and find out more about Women in CX by following the links below.


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